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Pin the tail on your career

Mother's day was a week ago today, and unfortunately I wasn't able to be home this year to celebrate the amazing woman who raised me. But I did get to talk to her and dad for a while on the phone which was a really good break in the week of work out in Long Island. I suppose I can't complain at all though because this was the view after all:

But I've been thinking this week how incredibly blessed I am to have two amazing parents who instilled in me the confidence, passion, gratitude and direction to become who I am today. I also think back to different times that are always going to be on my "highlight reel".

One of those times was my 11th (I think) birthday.

Let me paint the picture. It's 9AM in the morning and I'm already bouncing off the walls, because let's be real ... birthdays are the best! A day full of celebration of me! That's as good as it gets, and to top it off, my parents made a trade with a inflatable bouncy house company who just so happened to have a "pokemon" themed house.

Disclaimer: Yes I genuinely liked pokemon ok. I had the cards, toys, movies ... the whole works. Get over it, I'm a nerd.

Needless to say, I was on top of the world as were my friends to be able to wrestle and jump around and expend the seemingly never ending supply of energy a 11 year old possesses (parents, am I right???). Probably a dual purpose decision for dad and mom, ... smart as ever.

Anyways, there is always so many side games that come along with the main event. I don't necessarily know if we had pin the tail on the ___________ (insert whatever themed animal here) but it is definitely up there with pinatas as one of the classics.

Sometimes life feels like a game of pin the tail on the donkey, where you keep searching blindly but never find the mark. You keep trying different avenues and taking different opportunities but no real one clear cut choice is appearing.

The reason I can speak on and write about this particular topic is because I was in that spot. The options that I considered were really, really crazy thinking back. I was insanely close to signing up for the military. I wanted to be a social studies teacher, a journalist, or a full time basketball coach. It's not to say that any of those are bad jobs, I just knew deep down that I would be settling if I decided to choose one of those careers. They weren't right for me, and I'm grateful that God lead me another way.

It seems like life comes down to these micro decisions that impact the macro forever. Who knows where I'd be if I has went down any of those paths. I'm not one to look to the past however, I much prefer the present and the future. A quote I heard today in a movie that was playing in the background at work said this:

“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”

However small we perceive them, each decision, and each opportunity can lead to the biggest moments in our lives. The "ripple effect" I suppose.

In business, and in my experience so far in marketing, the micro decisions and moments are just as important as the collective. Campaigns are built off of a collection of posts all channeling into a singular purpose for a brand. There is generally one specific goal, but again, the steps to get there are just as important. I really love that part of it all. You messed one post up? You didn't put as much effort into one comment versus another? Move on, do better next time. It's honestly refreshing.

Where I want to end this is that by acknowledging that someone needs to read this today. It lifts a great weight from your shoulders when you realize that the overbearing obstacle in your way is not immovable. The step you are afraid to take can be the first in what will be the most enjoyable marathon you will ever be a part of.

I am not anywhere close to where I want or see myself being. I also don't have a clear path on all of the steps to get there and wouldn't ever pretend to. What I do know after taking the first few in blind faith though, is that each one gets easier to take, while also getting more intricate. Every new decision leads to other options closing, but what seems like 5 times as many appearing. No two people have the same path in life. Nevertheless, everyone does have one thing in common.

They took a first step.


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this one, it felt really good to write. I've been trying to be very mindful of my decisions and how they lead to other opportunities, and making the most of those opportunities when they arise. It's tough to put into words but I hope that I did a decent job here.

Thanks again,


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