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Rant: Acceptance vs. Action


This blog is dedicated to everyone who knows they need to be using social media and digital marketing to grow their business, but refuses to take any steps towards actually building their online presence. You have seen it work for others, friend's businesses even, but not you right?

Too busy? Too tired? TOO BAD!

All too often I hear from prospects, friends, or business owners, that they "need" to start building their social accounts. They recognize the importance of having a presence online, but don't fully know what it takes to start the process. There is a lot more to it than simply "posting". What types of posts? Video? Photos? Showing off business competencies? Featuring prior successes?

In short, Yes. BUT ...

It takes so much more thought then just posting "What's on your mind?"

Social media is now mainstream media. It needs to be respected for what it is, and the attention that it inherently gets. Every single platform is full of opportunity if you know how to leverage it. That's the key though. You need to have a plan. A strategy for growth that ultimately leads to business growth. That's the goal after all right? ROI baby.

Interestingly enough, one thing social media helps out with in a huge way is tracking ROI. Each platform has built in metrics to help its users understand what their posts are doing for their brand, and if you know what to look for, how to change them for the better.

Back to the moral of this blog. You know that it needs to be taken seriously, yet you're reluctant to seriously consider hiring someone that knows how to do it correctly.

Investing in someone to help with social media mangement, despite as much as you might think you know is a win win. It takes the thought out of it for you, saves time, and if done correctly builds, acquires new clients for you. Instead of spending $150 a week on a newspaper ad that hits the same people over and over, with the "shotgun" approach, you can build and specify exactly whom you want to see your ad. There is no wasted money on people who do not even meet any of your customer base's qualities.

Moreover, not many people understand the true commitment that building an audience and brand entails. It is countless hours interacting with your audience, searching for relevant content from others, and connecting with/making partnerships. Some things on social can't be tracked, such as the impact financially that 1000 more people seeing your posts could have. Or what kind of sales result from a social media partnership.

Like any budding industry there are many nuances that you just don't understand as an average everyday user, that running an actual business account requires. You wouldn't try to create your own television commercials, or run the entire media coverage of your business operations, so why should it be any different on social.

It's time to grow up and give social media marketers, and social media management the respect that it deserves. Sure you can post a picture. But can you build your business through the ever evolving landscape, and consistently bring value to the audience you are building? Maybe not so much. Let's start the discussion, and realize that there might be a little strategy involved.


Thanks for reading this one guys!

This topic hits home for me, and nearly all of my colleagues that I have spoken to. The common theme is that everyone thinks it's a joke. Is it a joke that you have been doing it for years with no traction? Is it a joke that if done correctly you can outsell traditional marketing approaches and grow your business to a place it's never been?

Things aren't usually taken seriously by people until they are.

Get me? Good. Rant over.


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