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Back from Hiatus: Day by Day

We Back!

It has been few months since my year 1 wrap up. During this time A LOT has happened that I have tried to document on social. You don't always realize it during the day to day, but when you look back on a extended amount of time, it becomes much easier to see your accomplishments or the things that have been happening. Hindsight is 20/20 i suppose. Sometimes these things are more noticeable than others, but I think taking a moment to appreciate where you are, and where you came from always has value in it.

It's funny to me that whatever your goals and ambitions of achieving are today, can change so drastically over the course of a year. Sometimes you sit back and try to determine where your life is headed, or think about the bigger picture, but at the end of the day how could anyone ever know. When I'm not specifically doing something or have a task I am working on exclusively, my mind goes crazy with possibilities and dreams. I've been very conscious about trying to let God lead my steps, which has been hard as well. To know that I really have no control over where it is I'm meant to be is honestly refreshing however. It sounds kind of stupid maybe, but I like sort of putting my head down and being diligent in the day to day, then in a month's time looking back at where I've been led. Idk. It's hard to describe I guess but you get it.


I read something the other day about forgetful people being smarter. Naturally I was intrigued, because if you know me at all, I have a horrible memory. The article said that the reason forgetful people are smarter is because they weed out the details that aren't important to the overall picture, to make room for new ideas. If something isn't worth remembering, they purge it, and keep what is needed. Me. Big time.

Anyways. This is where I'm at right now. Mentally. Or, maybe ... definitely where God is leading me.

Sometimes there will be moments in your life that with a little effort from you, can turn into the most memorable experiences of your existence on earth. NYC will forever hold a special special place in my heart and if things go the way that I want, I will be living there within the next 5 years.

New York City at Night

There is a certain magic in the air of the big apple, and everyone has this unspoken inner fire that is infectious to be around. People are confident, and there is no shortage of chances to make something of yourself if you are willing to work for it. It is the city of dreams within the land of opportunity.

I was already more than fired up to be in NYC meeting Garyvee, but getting the chance to meet so many new faces gets my blood flowing like nothing else. I have a desire to talk to every single person and hear their story, and their ambitions as well, which actually might make a cool podcast one day ;). I think that every person has something to offer one another, whether that is inspiration or wisdom or a multitude of other things. When you go into each handshake with that attitude, in my experience anyways, only good can come from it.

I think that having the mindset to be aware of what is happening around you is such a special trait. I have found so many new passions of mine within the past year that I truly believe were always there, it was just a matter of me being vulnerable enough to my own thoughts, and seeking out the interests that God inherently placed within me. Marketing. Fashion. Music, specifically piano. Entrepreneurship. Meeting people. Cities (NY). Writing. Vlogging. Creating. Tech.

I think that I have always been what some people would call a "dreamer," but realizing that any of these interests are within reach with a little work and commitment has been really fun. It definitely fuels me even more.

At this point I don't know where this blog is headed but it feels good to sometimes just get everything in your head out.

Verbal vomiting if you will. Online ...via text.

But, where I want this to end ... I think ... is how things have continued to work for me business wise.

All of the clients, prospects, highlights, meetings, experiences, connections, and opportunities have been a result of God firstly, then secondly the realization that everything in life is actually within reach. When I have been willing to ask, chase, work, and sacrifice, things have always worked out. I think a lot of what stops people from achieving their goals/ambitions is themselves. People are so quick to say why they couldn't do something instead of trying to do it first. I wish I could help every person take the first step to what they wanted to achieve. Maybe something that I'm able to document throughout these blogs has or will help you in your journey.

At the end of the day when we're lying in bed, we all have things we want and things that we dream of doing one day. Become a artist. Write a song. Write a book. Book a vacation. Start a coffee shop ... with bagels ... please. Learn how to cook. Open a brewery. Do a back flip. Call your friend. Invest in stocks. Snowboard. Become an expert on elephants. And Penguins. And dolphins. Start a church. Make friends. Make money. Move to a new city. Move to a new state. Move to a new country. Oversees. Below the equator.

Because if you really want it, there can't be any single excuse.

- Coach Lee ;p


I have been trying to get a blog out for about 2 weeks and my sister was the one who finally kicked my ass into gear! Thank you Beth if you read this.

Continuing to build Pursue Pro has been such an amazing and incredible learning experience. Every day feels like a new opportunity to make connections and learn more about marketing and business. I wouldn't change where I am at or where I am headed for anything.

I hope/pray that you reading this very sentence right now find your passion in life, if you have not yet, and if you have, that you find the mindset to make it happen.

Thank you soooooo much for reading this!


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