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Year One Themes

I made this because I couldn't find one :)

On November 29th of 2017, I was sitting in the exact spot that I am right now.

No, not in life. Not in my business career either. Just genuinely in the same room, same chair, same light blaring in my eyes, especially the left one because of how the table is slightly off centered. One notices these things throughout the course of a year. I also currently have a monster energy on my right(zero calorie, zero sugar, all delicious cuz, yeah, ... calories) and a coffee on my left (cuz yeah, ... caffeine). If you are my age or older you get it. I mean, I drank coffee a lot before, but now, I rarely go a day without it. I'm not addicted though OK, I just need it and can't live without it.

My "Desk"

Business-wise on the other hand, I am in a spot that I really could never have dreamt.

Something that I had trouble articulating for a while was just how certain situations worked out for me. What I know now is that making the moves, however small, towards what you want will always lead to huge opportunities.

So there I was. Same light, same chair, same room, debating on whether or not to release my very first blog. I was actually super nervous. Which seems kind of silly thinking back, because who is even going to read them right? Or maybe that is what made me nervous. But in either case, I sent it out, and began writing on a weekly basis.

I had always enjoyed writing, but this was something entirely new. Luckily something came from it. As I went into the new year (Jan 2018) I had continued writing and had roughly 5-10 pieces out. I was also finishing up making my logo for what I would later name "Barrage Marketing," my business. At this point, there wasn't much to it, just my desire to put out content in a meaningful way.

One day, Jake Hircshman who was my good friend during college at Penn State Behrend, messaged me via Linkedin with this:

Linkedin Message

Naturally I was interested in teaming up, and in a few weeks time we got together to see if this idea could become something more. Spoiler: It did. Jake, his best friend Isaac, who is now my great friend as well, and myself embarked on what promised to be a challenging, fun, and if done right, rewarding journey of building a full service marketing agency.

Jake and I then met with the local small business development center, to see what path to take when creating our business. About a month from that time, we had created a logo, our pricing structure, core benefits, mission, and lastly our name: Pursue Pro.

We began to come up with a list of prospects that were either connections, acquaintances, or people who had expressed interest in our individual services in the past. We also started to meet and network with the people in our community, with the goal of building meaningful business and personal relationships. More on that in a minute.

Jumping back for a minute, I had continued my blogging during this time period, and also was putting out content on the side of teaching and informing about social media marketing. (Social media had become my specialty within our agency.) I also was beginning to build (and still am) my following. Around the end of August, I sent out a tweet that was in an effort to win a contest of someone within the marketing and digital industry who I and many others really look up to, Gary Vaynerchuk. I was fortunate enough to be one of four people that won a hour meeting with him, which is now set to happen January 30th, 2019. The full story on that insane opportunity can be found HERE.

The reason why I explained that is because as a result, I began Vlogging, initially in preparation for our meeting, but now as a way to document my daily thoughts on how marketing and social media are intertwined. It has been one of my favorite ways to communicate and I continue to do that as I write these words.

Youtube Channel

This is also not to brag about myself or highlight anything i'm doing in any way. I need that to be clear.

I need you to understand the process behind what was happening. As a result of blogging Jake found me, and as a result of vlogging, and making videos for our agency, another local business found out about us on Instagram.

AKS Sign Designs and their founder Alex Sullivan, and graphic designer another "Alex" connected with Jake and myself. The four of us grabbed lunch and talked about what a partnership would look like among other things. One of those other things we discussed was creating a physical community for people that love what we love, which is marketing, photography, videography, graphic design, social media, and all things digital. I can't quite say the name yet because we haven't announced it yet, but we are currently finishing up the logo, and creating social posts, and pages for the group!


All of this has been amazing, and just in the past two weeks leading up to this "blog-versary" the Pursue Pro team has been in contact with a huge chain-nonprofit in our area. I also can't give out the details of this yet, but if you follow me on social, you know that we are going to be running a preliminary marketing campaign for them in January, with the intent to take over more branches as the campaign becomes successful. It will be successful. It has to. We are fully focused, full steam ahead on this one, and it's going to be great.

All of this leads me up to today! I woke up at 7:30, and by noon was snow-blowing our property here at "The Suites" for the second time. Sick. But, ultimately this "spot" that I am in now feels so good, and even better than I could have hoped or prayed for.

Snow blowing x2

The point of all of this is what I said in the beginning. Every single thing that you do, no matter how small or big, can impact your life in an amazing and beautiful way. Continuing to be conscious of and intentional about the direction I choose to take and moves I choose to make (rhyme game) is what fuels me. The results will speak for themselves, as they have this first year!

Here is to chasing your passion relentlessly, being forever humble and grateful, and trusting Gods ultimate plan for your life. I cannot wait to write the year 2 "blog-versary" blog! See you then ;)


Thank you for reading!

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And if you are looking for a music playlist to work to, workout, or jam out to I've got you covered there as well! The Weekly Barrage is my playlist on Spotify, that I update, you guessed it, weekly.


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