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The Beaten Path

I have never been one to follow what other people are doing.

Whether that was intentional or just because I genuinely have never cared what people thought of me is up for debate. Not even in like a "new age edgy I don't care" type way, just like a "I don't let your feelings impact mine" kind of way.

That's also not to say that people don't influence me or affect my decisions but ultimately I have always felt comfortable doing my own thing if that is how it ended up. Making my own path and decisions along the way even if they ended up crappy has been how I operate and it has its obvious benefits and drawbacks.

On one hand, I have a massive sense of independence, and it seems like a renewable source of energy for myself because when things go right I feel completely overwhelmed with happiness and joy and thank God through it all. When they go bad, I know that I have no one else to blame which fuels me even more, and I pray about how to go forward.

On the other hand, I get held up on some stuff that should be a easy plug and play type of structure. There are plenty of courses, books, and videos of how people have done it their way and why it is the right way and the only way. BUT, I want to make MY OWN right way. Is that selfish?

I guess I'm not sure, but in my head it's a win-win. Cliche but true. The quote goes "Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn," and I personally have always learned best by doing.

My parents owned their own business, and I don't need to get into detail, you can see that here, but that was basically the only blueprint I have had in starting my own business. I have had to do all of the groundwork, and bootstrapping thus far. It's funny because I'm essentially still nowhere when I look on a day to day basis, but on a 5 month period, HUGE shifts and patterns are beginning to emerge.

One is that the #grind is so so real. I see a consistent pattern of positive when I look at certain things I know will impact myself and my business, e.g.: blogging, vlogging, going to networking events, working for free, etc.

Another pattern I can now see is that continuing to say hello to and interact with everyone has been so soooo beneficial. Each person has an amazing, interesting story and something great to contribute to your life if you take the time to let them in. You also get to sit back listen and see what ways you can help them. When you are doing both of those unselfishly, and when they come as natural as they have for myself, things begin to line up.

Barrage Networking

I can't really quantify or put into words all of the things I see happening as a result of a few of the specific actions that I have taken and continue to take, but again, if you read the first part, I'm not here to prove anything to you, or impacted by your opinions.

SO, while all of this may sound "douchey" or like a positive, cliche, millennial's, entrepreneur's, modern day, american dream pursuing, happy go lucky, work for yourself, follow no ones rules-kind of story; It sorta is.

And again, I don't realllllllly care what you think about me ... in the negative kinda way. :)


Thank you for reading!

This blog had me kinda in my feels, and reminiscent of the past year and some of the good and bad things that have happened, along with the struggles and successes.

I hope that you can understand what I'm saying here, which is that outside of God, you should be the ultimate decision maker in the future that you want on this Earth.

I have a playlist that I update weekly-ish with music that I jam out to while writing these blogs, vloggin, and learning all I can about marketing. You should check it out here:

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