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Sometimes you don't know how something will end up unless you decide to take that leap of faith. People will judge you. It won't be easy. Sometimes you will second guess yourself. Sometimes, your eyes will feel like an hourglass ... mostly the sand part. But, not once throughout the course of it all will you even consider going back to that place, sitting and wondering how it could have been.

You know how they say hindsight is 20-20? Yeah, well it's more like 20-10. OK, maybe 20-15. I don't know.

The point is that when you get the chance to take a break in the whirlwind that is life, you realize that if you hadn't done that thing, or scratched that itch, that you would regret it for life, despite whether or not it went as planned or not.

For me, marketing was my passion, and to scratch the itch of what I now know falls under "entrepreneurship" I had to start my own business.

Via: takudzwa_50

I am very capable of working under someone, as I have done so for all of my life, and do currently as I write this. However, the change has come in the form of mindset. I started my marketing business and immediately knew that working for myself, by helping others grow there business, was it for me.

Since starting my own business, I became a 1/4 partner in a full service marketing agency, and have begun the process of becoming the best social media marketer. Ever. I want to be respected by my contemporaries and those who hold business as high as I do in my heart. I have a yearning and calling to continue to learn and these things push me every single day to get better and better at what I do.

I don't know if it is a self induced "chip" that I have, but I get a sense of drive and determination from the feeling that I was never the best in my class, and that people think I am going to fail, and that I won't amount to anything.

Via: takudzwa_50

I'm a very positive person by nature, but when I am digging for that extra motivation I take myself to that place intentionally.

So, in what has been one of my best years of my life to date, (with some bigger highs and lows than usual) I have to believe that it is a result of choosing to live on my own terms and chase my passion.

It's insane how clear my vision for my future is now, and before making that decision and ultimately taking that leap, I had no clue. So much changes even in just a year, and If you choose to make those changes positive ones ... damn ... it's all upside.

One of my most intense wishes is that everyone can find the thing that makes them as happy and driven as marketing makes me. I wake up every day eager to make things happen on the side of marketing, storytelling, networking, and social media in general. With everything that has happened within one short years time, I seriously cannot wait to see what this coming year will bring!


Thank you sooooooo much for reading!

I have started vlogging about marketing and business too which has been where my focus is currently, so I apologize if you are chomping at the bit for my blogs to come out :). Check them out at my channel here:


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