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Marketing Me: My Train of Thought

I have had a train of thought lately that I desperately want to take you down to get you to understand why I continue to post blogs, vlogs, music, and marketing tips and tricks on my social accounts.

I do what I do for two reasons, and both are equally important.

While reading Gary Vee's newest book Crushing It!, I came across a quote that he has in it that really hit home for me. The quote reads: " Ideally, you'll be building your business around the thing you love to do for fun and relaxation, so it won't feel like losing your leisure time."

I really don't think I have seen a quote that embodies how I think about marketing and business better than this. I'm disappointed when I don't get to spend the time that I want on making content or learning more about marketing. It gets to the point sometimes, and as I write this I know it seems stupid, but I can't always enjoy other stuff that is going on because I would much rather be blogging, or thinking about marketing, or making a vlog that brings value.

This is the ultimate reason that I post as much as I do, (which in my head is not enough and only the beginning), but because I genuinely enjoy it.

What I can't understand is how people say they love something, but never make the time to do it, or put the effort in to achieving whatever it is. If you actually, legitimately love something chase that with all your energy!


It also comes down to the fact that if I am not practicing what I preach, then how could I ever expect to present it to a potential client?

I know how important blogging, vlogging, and honestly just creating content is for a business and a personal account alike. So, rather than resorting to just telling people, I think that showing them can bring a lot more value, and help to convince them much better. I was always the kid that learned by doing, and have been a "visual" learner my whole life. So, becoming a "practitioner" seems like a great path for me to pursue.

My last vlog was all about how businesses are often "selfish on social" media. I don't want to ever be perceived as that, so instead, I lay it all out on the line. I think that it is the best way to build out a community, and an audience, and I will continue to "document" my marketing journey and strive to be a source for other marketing professionals and entrepreneurs to look to.

Lastly, their is a competitiveness in me that always wants to be the best at whatever I am doing, not unlike many other people. However, where I lack skill in playing basketball, or drawing, or mathematics, I continue to hone and master the world of marketing, and creativity. By the time I am done doing what I want to do, and building what I envision building, I aspire to be the best in the industry and someone recognized among his peers as the leader in marketing.

Money has never been a driving force for me. You better believe that my extreme passion for marketing motivates the hell out of me though. Get ready, I'm coming.


Thanks for taking the time to read this!

I have been on a different mindset lately, and trying my best to put out meaningful and impactful content. My effort is nothing if the posts that I make provide no value to my audience, so that is the current goal!

I hope you are doing well, and if you have any questions for me about marketing or life in general, I am always open to talk!

AND, if you need a playlist to listen to while working, working out, OR even to chill to ... check this bad boy out:

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