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Experience or Talent? Why businesses need to rethink the hiring process.

This entire post comes from the hire-ee standpoint, as I have not had the good fortune to this point in my career to be able to hire someone. However that does not disqualify my opinions on the subject and the viewpoints I hold that many would agree with. Whether you agree or disagree with this post I would love more than anything to hear your opinion and start a conversation around this topic.

With that being said, allow me for the next 5.5 minutes to explain why I value and believe in the person with 90/10 talent more than the person who has 90/10 experience.

I recently read an lengthy post on Linkedin about someone being overqualified for a job and how they did not receive the job because of this fact. It struct me as sort of strange because while I understand that this happens and it shouldn't, I also thought that maybe I could bring some context to the other side not talked about which is the "lack" of experience. Lack is in quotations if you didn't notice.

Something that I have learned and really come to appreciate and strive to be is the person who is highly skilled in my profession. I realize that the experience will come in time, but right now honing and building my skill set is where my focus is at.

We put Lebron James, Mark Zuckerberg, and Justin Beiber on an enormous pedestal for this one reason. They proved their worth over time. What we appreciate however, is that in the beginning of it all was sheer talent. Not by their enormous experience but by the raw talent that they each possess within the sport, tech, and entertainment industries respectively.

Now, I want to clarify something before you start saying "BUT ...," ... just shut up for a minute and keep reading. I am not confusing talent with a lack of "practice". Lebron used to put up 1000's of shots per day. Justin Beiber did covers of hundreds of pop songs and used Youtube to propel himself into the spotlight. Yes, I understand the value of honing your craft, and recognize that talent alone isn't enough. It definitely takes drive.

Also, I acknowledge that not everyone has the talent these three do. Many people however have 80% of the talent that they do. These people are the ones that excite me, because they deserve to have their shot as well. That is if they can bring the level of work ethic and drive necessary to sharpen their talent into skill.

My point of this entire post however is that the value and bias that we have towards the person with "experience" is asinine. Does it make Caleb the Coder better at writing code than Mark Zuckerberg just because he has done it for 30 years? No. Of course not. So why are we so quick to assume that the same principal actually "does" apply in different examples?

Mark Zuckerberg

While I do concede that there are some things that experience provides that talent does not, (mostly in the form of lessons learned), I do not believe that it should hold such a precedent over having the talent to achieve huge things.

When we fail to recognize and value someone's talent for what it is, we immediately eliminate the "upside" to focus on the "steadiness" of experience. This may also come down to another topic we are scared to talk about which is "risk" but that is another post altogether.

As one of the most intelligent and freshest philosophers of our time, Will Smith, so eloquently put it: "Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft."

So, at the end of the day, maybe each of the two roads to hiring I touch on here need to work in harmony. It is still my opinion however that skill should sift through and rise above experience.

The cream rises to the top.


Thank you for reading !

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