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Driven by the Pursuit

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post. Definitely too long. It has not been for a lack of reason however.

Crushing It

I genuinely have been the most busy that I've been since I decided to go down this road and pursue a career in self employment and marketing and entrepreneurship. Maybe even the most busy I have been in my life. No bullshit.

That isn't to say I don't have free time and time that I could have used to be writing here, but my mind has been super focused on other things, and it feels really good. Alot of things have happened in the past month, some of which I can't share and that you don't need to know. That being said, I have a few announcements that I have put out on social already, and in case you missed them you can find them on my Instagram here:


The first and biggest one that is going to be where the majority of my focus will be is that Barrage Marketing, my marketing business is now a part of Pursue Pro!

It is the culmination of ALOT of business meetings, 2 years of friendship, and many combined years of marketing expertise and passion. Jake Hirschman, Isaac Byard, and myself have started a full service marketing agency in the Lakewood/Jamestown area and are actively seeking and obtaining clients. We hope to secure our first ( a local chamber of commerce) soon. It has been a wild couple months, and everything is coming together very well. I honestly have been having the time of my life getting everything nailed down with these two, and I really can't put into words how exciting and fun it is to pursue (pun intended) your passion every single day.

I get a huge sense of drive, hustle, and energy from being able to work on marketing daily, and more than anything It just feels right. Its like that choice that you make in life purely off of gut instinct and the timing that your life presents you with. God has been so good throughout this all, and we are hardly even started!

The second HUGE announcement that I have to make is that I will be meeting in September with Gary Vaynerchuk in NYC, my favorite city on earth, to discuss life, marketing, and anything else that a CEO of a 800 person marketing agency has to offer a hungry up and coming marketer. The opportunity seriously can't be overstated. Gary is THE leader inside of my industry and someone I have gained so much knowledge from through the past 2 years and a few books.

Find the full story of how I won this opportunity on my social accounts.

The third thing that I have been focusing on is networking with people inside the marketing industry and people that I look up to within the entire business industry. One of these is Michael Marra, who is from Pittsburgh, and runs a company called "Entre". After a phone call and a few correspondences back and forth, I have been given the chance to run a 5,000 person (and growing) social media account, and become a part of his team which will ultimately be to promote a full service application for all of the needs of entrepreneurs, focusing on you guessed it, networking. The amount of value that this app will bring along with the social accounts affiliated is insane, and being able to run one of them is huge for me and will be a great experience in building my knowledge of social media.

Again, this has all happened in a months time, and social media has been the fuel, with my passion for marketing and people as the engine driving it.

It's just an insane feeling when you start to see where things you have done in the past pay off, and never ever settling when it comes to chasing your dreams. Things are happening right now, and I think that I am headed in the direction that I dream about, and lose sleep dreaming about while I take action to get there.

After all, dreams without goals, are just dreams. It was my goal to be able to meet Gary V one day. That has come to fruition. It was my goal to start a marketing agency. That too has become a reality. I want to go down as one of the best to ever do it in my industry and I promise that goal will be one I chase until I die.


Thank you for reading and bearing with my absence of content!

What a amazing time to be alive to be given the blessings and abilities to go after whole-heartedly what really really speaks to our souls. God is good.

I'll be back to the grind with posting and blogging as much as I allow myself to, and honestly I really enjoy writing. It allows me to build out some content, stay in touch, and get things off of my chest!

But honestly even if one person sees this it is always worth it.

I hope you have a great week, year, career, and life!

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