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Sponsored: Social Media Advertising in a nutshell.

First off, you need to be using it.

Social Media

Social media advertising has become so crucial to business growth! I have outlined a few reasons why in the next few paragraphs.

Firstly, nearly all cell phone users are on social media for an average of 3.5 hours per day. This is now more time than the average person spends watching TV. Being on our cell phones has become the new "kick back and watch TV".

So as we do, marketers must adapt with the times.

On the money side of it all, to run a Facebook, or Instagram Ad for a week long, could cost you as little as 20 dollars. Or you could choose to allocate the $450 you were going to spend on a printed ad in your local newspaper, and instead reach 50,000 highly targeted "warm" leads in your area.

Seriously if you don't know how specific you can get with the targeting on Facebook, it is something worth taking an hour to understand. This video is one of the most thorough and simple videos I have seen. Kevin David explains how you can promote a miniature pig farm, one of the most random things ever, using Facebook's advertising platform.

Every demographic, interest, behavior, and job title you can imagine is literally at your fingertips to be used in identifying and reaching the target market you are going after.

Facebook Advertising Features

Say you have a beard oil that is natural and you need help selling that in your area.

Sure. No problem.

You start by targeting people in your 50 mile radius because that is a reasonable driving/shipping distance if you are selling either online or have a storefront.

Then you include people who have the behavior of "animal welfare" which targets people in households that donate to animal welfare. Then you include the interest of "beards", which is people who have liked pages to or expressed interest in "beards".

Next you target people who like "Gillette" because they are a company widely known for their razors for men, and have 5.5 million followers.

Are we done? No.

You continue to include and target as many people as you can that would have a specific interest relating to your product until your audience is specialized and qualified, and after less than a half an hour of work, you have a good set of "warm" business leads.

The next step is making a quality "creative". This is the picture/video, and text that the target audience will see when Facebook determines they match the most of your qualifications that were set up earlier. The "ad" should always be aesthetically appealing and having great text that is funny, informative, or helpful is always the best way to approach it.

Time is money from Entreprenuer.com

In one hours time you have managed to target a massive amount of people that will most likely care about your product/service because of their interests, behaviors and demographics. Not to mention they are people who are relatively close to your business!

The power of social media advertising cannot be understated, and beyond being able to specify very precisely what type of people to show the ads to, the pricing can be set to whatever you want. Seriously any amount of money you would like to spend, obviously the more money the more people reached, is extremely beneficial for nearly every business interested.

The best part about ads on social is that they are not disruptive to the user for the most part. You can place them right in a person's feed, stories, or if you are doing a very personalized ad, messages.

If I can leave you with one thing, it would be my personal experience with ads. I ran a basic daily minimum on Facebook with a post that I had already created, and added in a like button directly on the ad itself. I received nearly 33% of my total following on Facebook in that time. That was my first attempt.

Imagine the results that can come from hiring a specialist in the online advertising world, and the ease at which your business can grow through such a specific process.


Thank you as always for taking the time out of your day to read this post!

I always try to bring as much value as I can, with my perspective and twist on it, and I think that this post has a good mix of that!

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to talk more about the incredible opportunity of social media advertising I would love to connect with you via email, text, DM, or comment!

ANDDDDDD, if you need a pick up for your work week, check out my playlist, Weekly Barrage, on Spotify!


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