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Blind Faith

It's hard to always keep a positive attitude. Every day it seems like all we hear are negative things. In the news, from our friends and family, and even just things we observe by ourselves. There are killings, disease, death, poverty, people go hungry, lose loved ones, end relationships, fall short of goals, lose money, lose motivation, and plenty of other hardships that we all face.

It comes to a point in our life however, no matter how bad we think one circumstance or another is, where we are presented with a choice. A choice between letting these things affect us long term, or taking them in, acting accordingly and then choosing to take the positive route.

Our situations are sometimes out of our own control, but we never ever lose the choice to be positive. Every single day it is our God given right to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and make the conscious decision to rise out of that situation we are placed in.

More so today than ever it is readily available for us to do.

In my own life, I have struggled with what my path is supposed to be in my work life. I have prayed about it and trusted God to show me the way and it slowly and surely has been sorting itself out.

I don't need to give anything out ahead of time, because sometimes I get superstitious with that sort of thing! :)p Almost like I won't watch a Cavs game if I have missed the first part and they are doing well, because if I turn it on they will surely start playing bad.

But if I could attribute any of the progress I have made to one thing it would be my constant effort to stay positive and move forward.

I put out content daily, and research, read, watch and study marketing and business for at minimum 3 hours a day, despite working my "9 to 5" ( see the post here.) It is almost refreshing to me to continue learning. Knowing more about your passion can never be a bad thing, and my goal is to be one of the most knowledgeable, respected, and creative people in the industry.

It is just something that I know I will get to one day, and like I said right now I continue to take baby steps towards those goals, whether those steps are blind or not doesn't matter. What matters is that I have the faith, work ethic, and passion necessary to get there.


Thank you for reading!

I allude to some great a big things happening in my professional career here, and I really want to tell you more about it, but for right now, I need to be focused on them and put in the effort to be successful in the opportunities that I have been presented with.

I hope that at least one person reading this will begin to think about their circumstances whether good or bad and choose to start seeing them in a positive light! It works wonders for your goals and ambitions.

Have a good week!


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