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If you build it ...

Will they come?

This is obviously a famous line from Field of Dreams, a great movie about a farmer who builds a baseball field, which came out in 1989 roughly 5 years before I was born.

I took the liberty of tweaking the actual quote to fit into what I want to talk about here, which is accounts on social media, and more specifically business accounts.

For the past few months I have learned many things about social media, and the businesses that inhabit it.

There are roughly 30 million Business accounts on Instagram today and that number grows every day. Even personal accounts have begun to switch to business accounts in favor of some of the analytics and measuring tools that the business account offers. Facebook too, has many more options for its business accounts as well. From contact buttons, to the ability to run and post ads there are very many advantages. These accounts can be any size and have any amount of followers or fans.

With this in mind I wanted to take a minute to make everyone aware that simply having the account itself does nothing for you or your business.


There are little to no requirements to have a business account, however there are a few requirements to having a successful one.

Posting on the account, and making those who need to know about what you do aware of it, is where the specialty lies. In addition talking about what you do through thoughtful pictures and videos is also very important to the overall success.

The last few blog posts that I have had, have featured various strategies that are important to organic growth via these accounts. Actually the 4 related posts that are tagged here, each have very important strategies that you need to be implementing as well as a few to stay away from!

From what I have seen, almost every business that takes themselves seriously has a social media account. But few are doing it well. It's as if they started it up, then have left it to be stagnant because they don't actually value the power that it can have.

Or, they only post some sort of promotional picture as if to use the account as some sort of "flyer" for customers to use in their store or on their products.

While these posts are OK in certain situations, the businesses that do this are missing the point.

Social Media is meant to be used as just that. It is social. People want to engage with and be a part of the brands that they love and follow. They are not looking to be spammed with sales, and discounts, and calls to action.

The best business accounts have figured out the correct formulas for keeping their fans/community engaged, and use the extra tools that they are allotted to learn more about these people. The whole secret is genuinely caring about your customers, and making the most of every interaction that is provided via each social media outlet.

But again, I ask, If you build it ... will they come?


Thank you as always for reading this post!

Did this make you think of any brands in particular ?

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