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Chapter 15: The importance of consistency.

This seems pretty straightforward on first thought but allow me for the next 4-8 minutes to breakdown how this is playing out in my life/business and how it can play out for you as well!

If you have been following what I am up to you know that I have been putting out blog posts non stop on social media, as well as tips, tricks, and other things that are helping to build my brand and build relationships with others in the marketing industry.

It seems small at first but the snowball has begun to roll, (whether that is slow or not is irrelevant right now), on some different projects and connections I have made. It is too early to talk about them right now but if I were to point to one thing that has helped them from the start, I could trace it back to them seeing one post or one interaction that helped build that relationship.

Here are the top 5 reasons why consistency matters for me:

1). Building brand awareness.

This is more or less the reason that you will see the same commercial on the same program 4 separate times in one sitting. You can't expect the people that you need to reach to see your content if you only post it once. The more you post the better chance of reaching who you want to.

2). Building a following.

Retaining people who see one of those consistent posts you put out is important because it allows for organic growth to reach more than just the people who see it. Those "followers" might bring your post or idea up in a conversation with someone else, and recommend you and your content.

3). It shows that you care.

I think this is pretty simple but, I personally know that I respect people who are dedicated and are noticeably putting in the work and effort every day to work towards their goals. It is easy to not be consistent but if you really care about your craft people will take notice through the effort that you exude. Also you will have a lot to talk about if it is something you genuinely care about and are interested in which leads to my next point.

4). You have something to say that brings value.

Being consistent sometimes comes down to the fact that your brain is always processing and thinking about whatever it is you do. You need to get your thoughts out to the world because there are so many jumping around that you might forget some of the best ones. This is my case especially because as my friends and family know my memory is seriously so bad. But my brain is constantly thinking about marketing and so many of the different things that go along with it and business as a whole.

5). Greatest hits only happen when there is many to choose from.

This may be the most important bullet point. It is something I have stressed before, but I really want to make it clear here. When you begin to be intentional and take your content/posting seriously you realize that you actually have a lot to say. What people don't realize is that it only takes 1 of those posts to become your "greatest hit" and propel your career. Maybe that one post gets the attention of an industry leader and boom the next thing you know you have the attention and leverage to make career moves. But it cannot happen without taking the steps to help yourself get noticed.

Whether or not you are currently consistent in what you do doesn't matter. What matters is that you know that in order to impact your situation positively, it comes down to this principle. The great part is that it's never to late to begin!


Thank you for taking the time to read this!

One of the things I really want from every post is to try to bring some sort of value to you, or a different way to think about marketing than what you have before. I also love talking to people about everything relating to business and marketing because getting different viewpoints helps me understand them both even more.

I really want to start conversations surrounding these ideas, and if you have anything to say, share, or a point you disagree with, i would be more than happy to talk to you here, or by email, text, comment, or DM!

Also, If you haven't checked it out yet, take a look at my Spotify Playlist to get some motivation for your work week, workout, or maybe you just feel like jamming out while reading this bad boy!


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