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The Digital Real Estate Cap

You got a new car? Wow you're so lucky. You own a successful business? Must be nice.

I'm sure your mind jumped right away to someone who acts like this and says these sorts of things as you read it. I used to be guilty of this but have tried to move away because it just doesn't make sense.

What I have come to realize in my wise old years of 23, is that no matter what it is you do, or what your passion is, there is going to be competition in it.

This is good however. Competition drives the best out of both sides and very quickly exposes weaknesses where ever they may lie. It sorts out the ranks of who is actually good at what they are doing, and who is not.

That being said, the point that I really want to make is that there will always be "competition". Unless you as a business or person are creating a product or service that is a breakthrough, and innovative, there are already people doing what you do. Shocker. But that should never stop anyone from building their own version of whatever product or service they want.

I compared this to real estate because for right now (some would argue the internet is filling up quick) there is plenty of room for your ideas to play out in the world of business. The "cap" is only one that exists in our minds. It isn't really stopping you or me from grabbing our spot.

Just because other people do what you want to do doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it. So many people want to "come up with a invention" instead of doing the thing that others do, only better.


Having this mindset however needs to be backed up by a solid product/service. The reason that someone might think that they can't succeed or "get theirs" is most likely because they don't believe in what they are offering. Maybe you know that you are a "C" player in a field of "A's and B's". This goes back to my earlier point which is that the cream rises to the top every time.

On the flip side if you are feeling this way, maybe it is time to switch up and quit doing the thing that you want to work, and go for the thing that you never thought could. Some of the best ideas were born out of the biggest failures.

I guess my final point is that I never want to be the person that looks at others possessions or situation and downplays how they got there, or assumes that it wasn't earned.

I do want to be the person however, that earns my way through life. That comes through staying humble, working hard, and believing in what you do.


Thanks for reading up on this!

I have been in this mood to just grind, connect, and learn lately. It is kind of a cool feeling because things are starting to come easier in regards to putting out content, and people have begun to reach out to me which is seriously one of the coolest feelings that I've had. I really enjoy people and beginning to see that I can offer them something has been rewarding.

I know that I need to continue being consistent on this for anything to come of it though, but my drive and passion are growing daily.

If you haven't checked it out yet, take a look at my Spotify Playlist to get some motivation for your work week, workout, or maybe you just feel like jamming out while reading this bad boy!


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