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This little icon is making a huge difference!

Instagram Video

I don't know if a icon has ever had an entire blog post dedicated to it before, but if one ever deserved it, it would be this little guy!

Isn't he cute!

He represents Instagram Video, and makes a world of difference to the people who see him.

I am willing to bet that when you scroll through social media and come to a video, you pause your scrolling. Maybe it is almost instinctively, to give your eyes a minute to process what is going on in the screen in your hands. Or maybe it is because the initial image changed into something you were interested in and decided to see what else it had to offer.

In either case, the person, or business who put out the video is winning. The longer they can get you to look at the post they have put out, the greater the chance of taking an action.

One study found that video posts have larger numbers of comments, and roughly the same amount of likes as photos normally. The reason for this is that there is usually more to engage with content-wise in a video vs a photo.

Another, has some very interesting facts relating to sponsored content. This article has a-lot of good statistics, however the one that caught my eye is number 7 on the list. It explains that "3X As Many Comments Are Garnered By Sponsored Instagram Videos Than Sponsored Instagram Photos", which further enforces the importance of video.

Instagram after all is about capturing a great visual for everyone to see. But with a video, you can capture far more, and explain a story, or moment much better.

Have you ever seen the photos that have an image of someone at the moment they are about to wreck on their bike? Or an animal about to do something funny? They are always followed up with the clip of what actually happened. But the clip is the important part and what we care about more.

Now, using all videos does not produce the best results. With video surging in popularity, the opportunity to get some creative amazing photos out there grows as well.

The same study as before points out that pictures involving a person do much better than those without. After all it is supposed to be a “social” network whether or not we use it for that or not.

The balance between video and image is tough to find but getting there can be as great for your followers as it is for you personally or your business! With that in mind, be intentional about what you post. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with pictures, try incorporating some videos as well ! The results will be well worth it and keeping it fresh is never a bad thing!


Thank you for reading this! I hope that it can provide some value to you and help you understand the power of video as well as the delicate balance between video and images to shoot for!

If you have any thoughts or disagree with anything or would like to talk more, drop me a comment, DM, Text or email!

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