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Why your "Master Class" is mostly bullshit.

Let me preface everything that I am about to write here by saying that I genuinely think some people can excel and absolutely crush what they are going for by using a course, or by taking a class on how to do what they want to do.

But allow me for the next 5.7 minutes, to tell you why I think my way is better.

Most people who know me know that I wasn't particularly great in college, for the main reason that I just didn't put in the necessary time to study.

There is a reason however, and It was actually very interesting to me.

One of my core and final marketing classes, "Consumer Behavior" talked in great depth about the psychology behind nearly all aspects of the buying process. From packaging colors, to psycho graphics of buyers, demographics, and without a doubt, the 5 senses, (as my stomach after eating "wasabi peas" can vouch for) there was a lot of great information.

In one of the classes Dr. Pinto had us fill out the Myers-Briggs personality test. The goal was to determine what type of personality we were so that we could understand how we were being targeted as consumers, among other things.

One of the more important things that I learned from this was that I was 1000% percent the kid who learned by doing, not by sitting in a class. I also say that knowing at that point in time what my results would actually be before taking it.

But this just reinforces my point.

Having the results in front of me to be able to visualize and confirm to myself that that was how I best learned was everything to me at that point, and it more or less changed my mindset going forward.

So to bring it back to my semi-click bait ish title, I have been working on building a business from scratch, and along the way have found many many various "courses" and "masterclasses" to take, or even videos on how to build your own.

But all of them are for a completely different type of learner than me.

I am the guy who would much rather be doing the things "taught" in the classes hands on, and learning through being a "practitioner" as Gary V. would say.

Even if some of the people around me think that there are better ways to do what I want to do, or that "that's not how I would do it" or whatever the case may be, the important part to me personally is that I'm the one doing it. Maybe it's sort of a pride thing as well.

I want so badly to build my business, and I am trying to do that through executing on different ideas, and putting out content, in the hopes that I can meet one person. One person that I can have a awesome conversation with, that builds a relationship, and becomes the fuse to the bomb of a business that I have been and will continue to build.

But I cannot do that through waiting 4 weeks in a course that I know I won't get anything out of. I also am not in a position to pay even more than I did for college to learn the things in a book that I would much rather learn in real life, operating and making mistakes.

It really just comes down to knowing who you are, and I really genuinely am blessed and thankful to have a good grip on who I am right now and where I want to be down the road. The icing on top is knowing how to get there, and that is what I am working on!


Thank you for taking the time to read this rant that I was inspired to write today.

I debated not saying "bullshit" in the title, but that wouldn't be me, so ... yeah.

I think there are a lot of good resources out there, and that people are just moved and motivated, and learn from very different kinds.

What do you learn best from ? Text, Email, Comment, or DM me what you think!

Anddddddd ... take a look at my Spotify Playlist to get some motivation for your work week, workout, or maybe you just feel like jamming out while reading this bad boy!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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