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Chapter 13: Why #followforfollow is the worst strategy.

Since starting to put out content for Barrage Marketing, I have found out a lot of different things about building a community, branding, and the power of consistency and volume.


I have also found out a few glaring negatives that people seem to fall into as human nature.

It has to do with giving without expectation.

Your content, your time and your interests are all very important. However, if you are putting out content to constantly promote yourself and never giving anything to the people who have followed your page, or provide them any value, expect your numbers to drop significantly and leave you frustrated in the process.

The same goes for your time. Do you ever look at what your followers pages look like ? Do you engage with them on their own content, or do you expect the relationship to be a one way road, where they supply you with a like, or even a comment, and get nothing in return. It really isn't too time consuming to check out someones content and leave a like or a comment of something that you actually think about their photo. It ties into my post about The $1.80 Strategy which you should check out!

We are built this way. It isn't always wired into us to have the mindset on social media that no one "owes" us anything.

So this is why I think that getting into the #followforfollow game is bad news.

It has been making me mad because I will get a notification that someone has followed my profile, and when I go to see what they are all about, they have one picture on Instagram and their bio reads something like this: "DM us, so we can help you get Instagram followers fast and easy!" It's stupid.

Firstly, it's the opposite of what I have learned is actually important. It takes any of the time, effort, and personal touch out of engaging with another person or business. When you use this you literally just go to a random person's profile who has searched for this hashtag as well and hit follow with the hopes that they do the same. Neither of you actually expect to enjoy or engage in each-other's content. That is a losing strategy from the start.

Secondly, even if you do manage to get to a sizable amount of viewers, subscribers, or followers, you will still fail to be building a "community", which is what your goal should be anyways. It's basically just getting fake followers, and hoping that other people jump on just because you have a big number under your profile name. It is taking any part of being social out of social media.

It's simple math out here guys. Quantity does not equal Quality. I hope that junior high algebra lesson sticks with you in your pursuit of growing your account, channel, or profile!


Thank you for reading this post, each and every individual matters so much to me and I really appreciate it!

I really hope this can inform a few of you reading that there are great ways to organically and methodically grow your account, while building a community and building your brand.

If you want to talk more about it feel free to comment here, text, email, or yes DM me a message!

And ... take a look at my Spotify Playlist to get some motivation for your work week, workout, or maybe you just feel like jamming out while reading this bad boy!


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