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Narrowing In.

When I started this thing I kind of just assumed that I would offer everything to everyone. That seemed like the easiest route to take at the time because it is sort of just the shotgun approach.

In my mind if you could offer a wide range of services to a wide variety of clients then a few would end up needing at least one of the things you do.

I have quickly learned however that 1) I am not interested in every single service that I have the ability to offer, and 2) it is a bad way to start out anyways. Clients don't want a marketer who is luke warm in 6 areas. They want someone who is on fire in 1 specific area!

I think that God gave me a lot of strengths and that he gives each one of us plenty. But I don't believe that anyone is "shorted" on gifts. I do believe however that some people are lucky enough or are aware enough to know what each of their best skills are!

So, as I am trying to navigate the field of starting a business, I am now trying to focus in on what I'm actually good at and want to help other people do. I know that it is to help them grow their business, and help them find what they are good at personally, but before the past few weeks, I didn't know in what way to go about that.

I think the easiest way to facilitate this is through social media, and it is what has fascinated me for the better part of the past year. I really just enjoy the ability to tell a story that all the main social media sites give.

Running ads, creating a brand, building that brand by creating consistent content, and engaging with the community are what I'm excited about. These along with everything else that is inherent with the "people and social" factors of business is where I think my strengths are and where I can help people do the most damage.

So, for the time being I am going to start focusing on this part of digital marketing and see what becoming a specialist at social media marketing has to offer. I am very confident in the passion I have for it, and can't think of a better starting place!


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