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Research and Implement: Not, Not a Rant ...

We are blessed to live in the world we do today.

Every single thing we could ever need, we have access to with a few taps on a screen of the device that runs our world. It is actually insane if you sit back and think about it.

Food, your car payment, you and everyone else's calendar in your company, news, music, culture, making connections, talking to family, friends, classmates from 30 years ago, and everything else you can possibly imagine or need is right there for us to use.

But why do we still not use it to its potential ?

We want better lives, or better business, or whatever the case may be but aren't always willing to go all in on it. For now I guess I'm talking about business, but I just get sick of people complaining about things that they are actually able to control.

There are no excuses to not know how to do something that you really want to do. Putting "How do I ... " in front of what it is you are passionate about or curious about learning on google will give you tens of thousands of instructions and results within 5 seconds.

I have really been thinking about this lately because I'm constantly curious as to how other people have done what I am trying to do, some strategies, and ideas and always trying to be a student that learns and grows everyday. I am getting to a point where I am very confident with what I want to do, and it's kind of refreshing to be able to do it all by myself. I started out with the mentality that I had no reason NOT to and hope that can be the way you look at it too.

I really just want everyone reading this to know that they can go get it. Whatever it is you wish you were doing instead of thinking about "work" tomorrow is yours to do.

Research it. Start becoming a practitioner. Take the steps necessary to do what it is you want.

Like I said, no excuses right?


Thank you for reading!

My last post was about Things working out and they definitely do. I don't want to say anything that is going on yet, but I am really planning on some great moves for myself in the next few weeks here.

Taking advantage of every opportunity presented to me is something that I am really working hard on. I'm definitely not in a spot to not to anyways, but I really want to strive to be great at it.

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