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A Rant: Dedicated Hustle.

We meet so many people throughout our lives.

How many of them do we really know though? Sure you know that Joe likes to play hockey. Mary loves reading. But do you really know them ?

Each one has hopes, dreams, wants, and people that they love. We don't know them because the opportunities that we get we either pass up or aren't in the mindset, or just genuinely don't have the time.

Business is kind of like this for me.

There are so many opportunities that we are all presented with. You get plenty of chances to make connections, and to use the time we have to our advantage.

It's really easy to choose to do other things. Our attention is everywhere. We each have so many things going on. But that's not really an excuse is it?

I'm trying right now to step it up. I haven't even made a mark on the mountains of things that I want in my career and in my life. I need to write more. Put out more content. Eagerly and intentionally seek out business. Connect with every single person I possibly can.

No excuses, just do it.

In the end the only person that I will be able to blame or put any fault on is myself. Who's fault that I don't have what I want and strive for? Me. Want to lose weight? Good, no one else is doing it for you. Want that paycheck, lifestyle, freedom, relationship, or life? Get it.

Get to that point and amazing, beautiful things will follow.

I think that rings true for not only business, but life and the people that we fill it with.

Dedicated Barrage Marketing


Thank you for reading this. I really get so passionate sometimes, and I need to start channeling that into getting business. I think that I am building something, and that being young is my incredible advantage right now. There is always something to be grateful for and it is more evident each day.

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