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Chapter 10: Facebook vs. Instagram

Instagram - Facebook

First it was Myspace, then Facebook, now it is Instagram.I 'm not just talking about where you keep up with who is dating that girl in class, or who is getting married, having a kid, or even where you get your "news" (Fake or not). I'm simply talking about where your attention is.

It's kind of exciting to follow and be able to target certain groups of people by what platform they use. But it is constantly evolving!

Speaking of which, a new social networking platform has just come out called "Vero". Add me up! My profile is just my name, Lee Barczyk.

My point however is that there will always be a new platform to keep up with. I kind of like it that way though, because it keeps things fresh and exciting and as a marketer there is always ways to take advantage of where peoples attention goes.

Right now the biggest platform with the most attention is definitely Instagram. It's really cool to see how they continue to add new interesting features such as stories, stickers and polls within the stories. They have made snap chat far less relevant than before. Which is what the entire game is about.

Facebook 100% still has its place but for me, there is just too many articles that I don't care about, and the "feed" has become very very messy. Maybe I need to start auditing what I follow and who I follow but it has become more annoying than anything to get on there and I rarely do.

Instagram just feels good. It is a great place to create content and keep up with everyone that you care about. It eliminates all of the wordy posts where Facebook was failing at, but has features to still be able to have a long post, or "type" story which is nice. I really think it is doing so many things well, and while it is owned by Facebook, it is completely unique and grows every day!

I'm excited to go post this on Instagram and continue to leverage my audience using all that it has to offer! I hope you do the same, and if you ever need help making posts or creating any content, let me know and we will get something worked out!


As always guys thank you for supporting me and the blog and reading and engaging! I really have had some great conversations lately with a bunch of people about some I and they have and how to take advantage of all that is in front of us in today's world!

If you are a music lover like myself be sure to keep up with my "Weekly Barrage" playlist on Spotify! Link below.

I'll catch you guys next time!


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