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Who’s opinion? A rant on the little things.

Lately, I'm pretty sick of people. I would consider myself outgoing and definitely a people person but it's not easy to always be friendly and have a good attitude. I don't really know what has changed or what it is but I feel it a lot.

So many people have their opinion on what you are doing and a certain attitude one way or another towards it.

"So what's new?" has been my least favorite thing to be asked, not because of my less than exciting answer but because I get the feeling that whenever someone asks this, that they are wanting and hoping that you have not actually done anything new. Its like a way for them to gauge how they should feel about their own lives.

People are just negative. And it wears on you as a person. But as I write this I'm realizing that's on me not them.

Other people's opinions only matter when you let them.

Getting to the place where only those closest to me can have an actual effect on what I'm doing has been awesome. It's not that I don't care what other people think, I just know that I'm not going to let it affect my outcome.

So while It can be frustrating at times, what I have been trying to focus on now is doing my best every day and making continual progress on what it is that I'm working towards. It's the little things after all that matter, and they can change the bigger things I know are down the road.


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Thank you guys as always. Every person that takes the time to read these posts and process what has been on my mind means alot! Feel free to reach out to me and connect!


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