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Chapter 9: SEO: 6 Reasons it is more than just your CEO's favorite buzzword.

Whats up guys, so for today's knowledge drop I'll be drawing on what I learned in school ( very little pertaining to this) and what I have learned out of school ( almost everything ). There are many different articles out there on what SEO is and how it is done, but I think that I have some value to add as well, and want to benefit those who haven't yet heard about it. 

"SEO" or Search Engine Optimization is something that the "CEO" or the manager of whatever company you are at likes to spew from their mouth nearly 10-15 times per day as if they were meeting a metaphorical quota within their own minds to appear knowledgeable to those around them. 

It has hit the mainstream because people are starting to truly realize the power of the internet and that in order to continue to grow as a business, it is essential to be easily found on a web browser. Many different things can contribute to "ranking" higher up on these web browsers pages. Some of these can be done internally, and some need to be handled by outside programs and efforts. Like anything there is many layers to it, but if you can master it for your company,( or have someone else like me master it) the benefits are very tangible. 

So what are a few best practices to improve your search ranking?

1) Great Content: Internal

The best place to begin with SEO is to have content that is the best in your field. If you are the best, you will organically get traffic and that in and of itself is an amazing way to get your ranking up. 

2) Find the right Niche: Internal

You might be a clothing retailer, but maybe instead of just branding yourself as that, you focus in on what you do best which happens to be selling upscale clothing at an affordable price. So instead of having to compete with thousands and thousands of clothing retailers, you become the go-to for great clothing at a cheap price. You can also be more easily found because people will type in specific phrases that are within your niche. Think H&M or New York and Company for women. 

3) Keywords: Internal

One of the more sure fire ways to help your site rank higher is to include things that people might type into their web browser on your site. So a "family owned Italian restaurant" would include those exact words somewhere in their site, in a description, or even in an about section. They would also be smart to have the words "food","local","Italian", etc. scattered throughout there site as well. 

4) Continuous Updates: Internal

Another great way to help your sites SEO and ranking is to be continuously updating, editing, switching pictures, writing a blog, adding videos or anything else to add and edit the content that it has. Google looks at this as a way of keeping it up to date, and that if you are changing things that it is growing, or that there is something that would be worth seeing for someone. Strange that Google can think? Welcome to SEO. 

5) Buy Keywords: External 

Some Keywords that you should be or can rank for can be bought so that when someone types in a very specific word it will draw them right to your page. Many different companies offer services to buy and maintain these keywords from Google and other search engines. 

6) Back linking: External 

Back Linking is when you get sites that Google recognizes as credible and important sites, e.g. .org,.gov, or any site that has a good ranking itself, to have a link to your page on their site. This helps because it sends signals to Google that you are also a credible site. This is one of the best ways to help your search ranking. 

So, that's all I have for you guys right now. This is a very basic list with a lot of components to build upon, but if you aren't doing these base level things there is little to no chance your site will rise within the world of SEO. 


Thanks for reading! DEFINITELY ask me any questions you have about this! 

I am considering putting out some videos guys and getting ready for Vine 2 which is set to release soon. I may actually make another blog post about that! Let me know if you guys want to know anything within the realm of marketing and building a business, You Tube channel, Instagram account, or anything like. 


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