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Chapter 8: The Face of a Business

Straight up, this is going to be kind of a weird one!

I don't really know why I decided to write about this today other than that I have been working with certain individuals at business's who have become my go to people, and I associate them and the business as one.

This becomes more clear the bigger the brand.

When we think of Facebook, it's Zuckerberg. Amazon? Jeff Bezos. Apple and Steve Jobs. They become inseparable.

Sports teams use the same principle. "Come watch Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers." "Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will take on Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles."

It's kind of crazy when you really begin to think about it.

Some would argue that it is because these particular people have been ultra successful within the realm of their specialty, however, it works on a micro scale as well!

Have to go to the car dealer? You might say, "I have a meeting with Ron today." We have no clue who Ron is, but to you personally, he is the actual key to your new Nissan.

Once we begin to understand that every business has a face, (whether personal, or widely accepted), then we draw conclusions about the company based on that. One person can make or break your opinion of a company.

Unrealistic? Fair.

I will never use AT&T's service again because of a few people that I worked with that I had a horrible experience with. This is the negative side of this concept, but it is very easily avoidable.

It really comes down to being aware that this is actually happening with every interaction between customer and business. The beautiful part for us is that we can take it to heart and learn to be a positive face for our business and sway each individual's opinion whom we work with.

Or, we can aspire to be the first type and become the skilled, specialized, ultra successful people who are widely accepted as the face of our company and industries!

To get to that point takes immeasurable amounts of work, but I like to think that I'm ready to take that challenge. Are you?


Thank you for taking time to read this! I have some exciting news coming in the next couple of weeks!

A lot of connections are starting to come together to create great things! Gotta keep grinding and be willing to work !


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