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Chapter 6: You are either creating content, or losing relevance.

It's honestly as simple as that.

This is something I personally did not realize until the second half of 2017, but in the world we live in today everyone has the ability to put their thoughts into content for the rest of us to consume, and if you aren't doing this yourself within the business realm, you are falling behind.

The amazing thing is that we can filter what we see!

Ok, so you don't like Joe's opinions and political posts as of late? Block him. You binged watched dog videos on Youtube for 3 hours and now that's all you see? Clear your browser (or not).

Everyone has something to say.

"Wow, they are really creative" is an old phrase. Everyone is creative. Some people are just shy, or haven't found the right avenue to be able to express what that is.

But keep trying new things. Who is going to advertise for you and help you build your personal brand or business if you don't do it for yourself?

It can make you feel vulnerable at times, but sharing the knowledge that you have can have so many benefits.

It is like anything else within the business world in the fact that it does take time and effort, but STARTING is the key. You can't be FOUND until there is something to FIND. Produce quality content, then engage with the people that comment, like, and share it.

I am only at the very beginning of my career and business but I plan on continuing this blog, talking about marketing, social media, and business techniques that I have learned and am interested in, and building a business from scratch. It is the best way I have seen or know how to do it.

I want this to be one of the many avenues where I can create a discussion on these topics, and bring value, while most importantly making connections.

It all comes back to putting out content though.

If you have a passion for something, and are not taking advantage of social media and realizing that it is the news feed for business, life, culture, politics, and in the actual business world the advertising hub, the HR and Marketing departments all wrapped into one, then you are losing.

Don't lose, start creating.


Thank you to all of the first time and returning visitors who have been keeping up with the blog! It really means alot!

I want to continue bringing value, and starting conversations with anyone who is willing. If you want to talk about this or any of the previous chapters, please, please send me a message, email, or a text at any time!


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