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Chapter 5: "Social" Business

Marketing is fascinating for me. It is ever changing and always has new techniques and tricks to be learned. I am more eager to continue learning about my passion now than I have ever been, and definitely more so than when I was in school. The awesome thing is, you and I don't need a book to tell us about these "new" techniques because they are happening in front of us right now.

10 years ago no one could have predicted that Facebook and a app called Instagram would be the two most important places for a business to advertise and get content out, but here we are.

Social media is the single most important aspect that any business should be focusing on because it is where your end consumers attention is at any given point in the day. The amount of times that people, myself included, check Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in a day is actually crazy.

These platforms, while great for keeping track of friends, family and news, also give us an extremely accessible avenue to reaching our end consumers. A business on Facebook running a Ad campaign can actually target employees of the company it is trying to reach. On Instagram getting a influencer with 10,000 followers to showcase your product is the new norm. Getting a re-tweet from the correct personality on twitter can launch a business.

It is absolutely insane.

Long gone are the days of paying $1000.00 for a print ad on page 87 of some travel magazine and hoping that "Suzy" has a good enough attention span, no cell phone, and the interest to look up "Food and Restaurants" in an index. Then hoping that she will find your 3 star hole in the wall and actually pick it out of the other 15 restaurants and give it a shot is a really, really naive assumption. In this day and age it is the equivalent of setting that thousand dollars on fire.

The amount of people and businesses that don't yet understand this concept blows my mind. These people are usually either uneducated or unwilling in most of the cases, to see that social media and what it means to business is not something they can ignore. It isn't some crazy phenomenon that will go away. It is normal now. How ever you want to look at it - there is no excuse.

That is why I love marketing.

Finding where your target audience's attention is and starting the conversation with them is what I am good at. Once you know where peoples attention is you can start showing them why to choose you over the next guy. But please, please understand it is ever changing.

I could think of something witty to continue to explain what I mean but watching this video will be the most beneficial thing I can show you.

If you take nothing else from this article, I hope that this video stays with you when you are deciding what content, where, and how to spread it. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know needs help creating this content, and distributing it to the correct audience:

My name is Lee, and that's what i do.


Thank you to all of the people who are visiting the site, reading the blog and giving me constructive feedback.

I have a few meetings coming up with potential clients that I am very excited for, and I hope that it can be the start to the business I have in mind. It isn't easy to get the ball rolling with these sorts of things, but i would like to think I'm heading in the right direction. If you know anyone that could use any of the services I provide (|Home Page | What I Do|) please don't hesitate to message me or direct them here!

Thanks again!

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