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Chapter 4: Changing Gears

My sister and I were talking recently about Christmas, presents, family and everything that comes with the holiday season. Our unspoken but collective conclusion is that it's and intensely crazy time of the year, but well worth it.

We then got to talking about other things as we do and she said that she has been reading this blog, and thinks that I am very inspired and need to make more time for it. So I have been thinking since we talked, about inspiration and what it means to business.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Actually, that's stupid. I think that is an amazing question that can have so many beautiful answers for people, but before you begin to think of a answer to that, the real first question is: Are you inspired?

So many of the most successful people in the business world have amazing stories of where they draw inspiration from, whether it was being an immigrant or losing a parent at a young age, or soaking in the work ethic of the role model they had and taking it to another level.

One of my favorite forms of inspiration however is not some grand life changing event, but instead the inspiration that is created within someone when they are doing the thing that they love.

I used to think that there was a select few, an outlying percentage of people that found out what they loved to do at a young age and they were the only ones that could really capitalize on that love, or make it a reality for themselves. "Why can't it be that easy for me?," I would say.

At that point I can honestly say I didn't have any inspiration. Being a teacher and a coach was something I liked to imagine myself doing, but it was more of a romantic vision than something that would actually scratch the itch that those lucky few got to.

So I went to college, and had a few ideas of what would be a good career path for me, but nothing really stood out to me as a "This is what I was born to do" type of job. So I went on to Penn State Behrend and took the shotgun approach within the business realm. I took legitimately every base level business class that you were supposed to take as a Freshman, when I was in my Junior year of college.

Then something happened. I found my passion, and have been insanely inspired ever since.

One of those base level classes i had was Principles Of Marketing. It was so generic thinking back, but it really opened my eyes to the world of marketing and all that it encompasses.

The point to this horribly told story is that in life, and in business having flexibility and the mental makeup to be able to change gears, and shift your focus is essential for you to be valuable to your business. More importantly however, changing gears is essential to your personal career so that you can find the thing that allows the inspiration inside of you to flow like God intended. Like I said before, there are a select few that find this early on, and are blessed to be able to chase that. Realistically though most of us have to work a little harder to find what we are meant to do.

Speaking from experience, when you finally find your passion, it is life changing in a completely cliche way. My mind is constantly thinking about marketing and all of the things that go along with it. I'm honestly struggling to sit here and write because my mind is going to places like "What words can I use in here to help my ranking?" Or "What is the best way for me to share the content I want to produce? How can I find clients and provide value?"

It's amazing. I hope that you can find that place like I did. If you don't think that you are lucky enough, you are. I thought the same but, when you keep being a doer and learning new things without the fear of changing gears, your passion will literally smack you in the face and that day will change everything for you in the best way possible.

"If you're not dreaming big for yourself who is doing it for you?" - Gary Vaynerchuk


Thanks to everyone for the continued support!

If this blog can help 1 person to find what they love to do, it will be well worth it.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and as always thank you for stopping by!

- Cheers!

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