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Chapter 3: "I've Got Connections..."

Have you ever heard someone use this phrase? It is one of the rare ones that can make you sound important, while also making you sound like equally as much of a douchebag at the same time. But when we really step back and think about it, isn't building connections what business and life are all about?

As a marketing grad, and someone who is trying to build a business from scratch, it is 100% about this concept for me right now.

I recently updated my linkedin profile and a day later I was reached out to for a few different freelance jobs. I was able to go to Chicago and work as an interim Marketing Coordinator because of the connections I have made. I also have multiple people that are ready to include me in their business, or work for me when my business gets to scale.

The thing is, I don't include these examples to show myself off. It is to show those people off for being great connections! The amazing thing is i did not go seeking for any of these people specifically. They happened to be put into my life in situations where either they could be another face, or someone that could become a great friend and connection. As a result of putting myself out there constantly, these people liked me and we were fortunate enough to become friends. This concept really goes back to my first post about "being real." Be who you are and people will respect and like you for that, and who knows what value those connections can have in your life down the road.

I really want to get to the point where whatever job I need done, or when people need the services I provide, it is a no brainer for who I, and they go to. Imagine how your business, and the relationships we have could grow if we treated every interaction like an opportunity. Being able to build those connections makes business easier, and way more efficient. It also has got to feel great to both sides. To be able to have that reliable person to pinch hit for the things you personally cannot or do not do is invaluable, and vice versa.

So often, we take for granted the connections that we have. It's definitely not easy to always be appreciative of the people that God puts in our lives and the skills that they have. However, putting in the upfront work to make the connections and relationships that last is worth every second of time and energy. The creativity and friendship and love that blossoms from them is a investment with endless returns. It is the friend who you know everything is the same even after not talking for years. The person who has your back after only knowing you a semester. Or even the CEO, or CMO who is willing to give you a shot, because they also were given a shot once upon a time.

Make connections. Be willing to be outgoing. You don't ever know which one of the people you smile at and shake their hand is going to be the one to change your life.

I would like to think that I've got connections, but at the same time ... I cannot wait to make more.


Thanks again to everyone who takes the time to read this! I'm curious as to whether I should talk more about business, or continue to mix a little life in with these posts as well.

A Lot of people are asking me why I'm writing a blog, and there are actually a few reasons.

Firstly, I feel like it. :)

Secondly, I have always liked writing and it is one of the ways I can really get what is on my mind off.

Lastly and maybe most importantly, it actually helps keep my site relevant, by keeping new content coming in, and is a great hack to use to be able to put more keywords into your site without getting considered as "spamming" by Google.

If you want to talk more about these concepts, or anything marketing and business related, feel free to leave me a message here or on any social media platform!


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