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Chapter 2: Aggressively Lighthearted

One of my favorite shows of all time is The Office. I'm sure that is true for a lot of you who are reading this because it is very relatable to the average person. The writers did an awesome job balancing the humor in it with real life situations that you and I could picture happening in our work environments.

Why am I saying this? Well, I wanted to write about something that I think is really important in life and business, and that is:

"There is always room for an optimist and someone who lightens the mood."

There is room for this person in the business world because a lot of it is stressful. Absolutely. An employee messed up an order. The spreadsheet wasn't saved. The deal fell through because the client wasn't ready to commit. These things suck.

But why do we let the 4 bad situations throughout a otherwise great month get us down? The more people i meet, the more i realize that not many people know how, or are good at "relaxing". I put that in quotation because I don't mean it in the sense that work, or business, or our relationships should be "lax". I mean it in that when bad things happen within the realm of these situations, having the brain to step back, take a breath, and figure out the direction to move is very rare in my experience.

I personally like to think that i am a very relaxed person, maybe too much at times as some would tell you. But i try to look at the good that can come of certain situations, and put a positive spin on everything. There is no failing, there is only learning. I aspire to be the person with a level head, that can lead a business and stay "Even-Keel" (as Lebron James my second favorite basketball player puts it), through the natural highs and lows that will come.

It seems like people mix up being lighthearted with being weak, or unable to lead or deal with the bad, or like it has a negative connotation in business. I believe however that it is the complete opposite. To me, it is necessary, and is a compliment to being aggressive and can drive overall success, whether that is in business or life.

Do i care if people think of me as being lighthearted? Not really. Because I can take the criticism from people and the right hooks that life throws and move through it since I have been blessed with this quality.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I barely care now, and I definitely am not going to care as I progress in my business career.

Now that I am thinking about not caring what people think, I'm debating on making that another chapter. Because while I genuinely do not care what you think, I also at the same time care very much about what you think. I'll leave you with this:

Would I rather be feared or loved? As Michael Scott would say,"I want people to be afraid of how much they love me." Make sense?


Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read post number 2 of _ !

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