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Chapter 1: Be Real, Succeed

I have been thinking on this for a while. How would i start a business? I know what i want it to be about, but how do you even go about that? Should i start a blog to help spread content and give it a personal touch? I'm not THAT guy right?

Well, it's 2017, soon to be 2018. I wish i would have started this sooner and thrown any reservations i had about it out the window. I was and still am scared about it, but i realize now that in order to succeed you need to be willing, and able to adjust and move with the market. More on that further down, but firstly i wanted to address something right off the bat. Its something i have always known and tried to do, but have really come to appreciate it lately.

"Being real with people, like straight up you to me, is so undervalued".

On one hand it is tough in a business environment because the business is you, and vice versa. People could not like you and therefore not want to do business with you. But won't you find out what kind of person you are working with at some point anyways? Save both sides the valuable time and money by being real right off the bat.

The real game changer for me has been surrounding myself with those kinds of people, and i have been blessed with many of them in my life. They have this attitude, this mindset that is just contagious. It's the perfect mix of confidence, passion, and humility.

It's the winner's mindset.

It's not always knowing the direction you want to go, but taking necessary steps to get there. Wait that doesn't make sense does it? Yes, it does. Call it blind faith. "The Grind" as it has been labeled by the business world. It is trusting the talent and the passion you have for the things that you love, while not always knowing where the road will go after the curves ahead.

When you are in that state of mind it gets to a point where you know what you want in life, and all the time you spent not DO-ing something to work towards that you look back on and wonder why not? What is stopping us from succeeding other than us being REAL in who we are, and the expectations and work that must be put in to truly succeed? Who cares about the doubts and fears that other people have in you reaching your dream? Absolutely listen to and respect the opinions of the people that you surround yourself with. You keep them in your life for that reason. But just have that winners mindset, be real, and love the grind.

What qualities do you respect in other people? For me, it is trustworthiness, self motivation, and attitude. These are kind of just buzz words that we use on a resume though right? If i had to choose the singular quality i respect most, i think it would be best summed up as "being real" and as i see it everything else will follow.


Thank you for taking 10 minutes to read this and please leave me any feedback that you have on the post or the website in general!

This is the first in what i hope will be a long series of funny, inspirational, or even just informative business/life blog posts.

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