If you build it ...

Will they come? This is obviously a famous line from Field of Dreams, a great movie about a farmer who builds a baseball field, which came out in 1989 roughly 5 years before I was born. I took the liberty of tweaking the actual quote to fit into what I want to talk about here, which is accounts on social media, and more specifically business accounts. For the past few months I have learned many things about social media, and the businesses that inhabit it. There are roughly 3

Chapter 12: How to create engagement.

Here's a hint, it's on you, not them. Building an audience on social media that is targeted and is eager for your next post, whether you are trying to grow a business or a personal account is one of the most important things you can do. Nothing competes with having that following that cheers you on throughout your journey. We as humans want to engage naturally, but a few things can stop that from happening: 1.) Your content is flat out boring. Maybe you find what you are doin

A Rant: Dedicated Hustle.

We meet so many people throughout our lives. How many of them do we really know though? Sure you know that Joe likes to play hockey. Mary loves reading. But do you really know them ? Each one has hopes, dreams, wants, and people that they love. We don't know them because the opportunities that we get we either pass up or aren't in the mindset, or just genuinely don't have the time. Business is kind of like this for me. There are so many opportunities that we are all presented

Chapter 1: Be Real, Succeed

I have been thinking on this for a while. How would i start a business? I know what i want it to be about, but how do you even go about that? Should i start a blog to help spread content and give it a personal touch? I'm not THAT guy right? Well, it's 2017, soon to be 2018. I wish i would have started this sooner and thrown any reservations i had about it out the window. I was and still am scared about it, but i realize now that in order to succeed you need to be willing, and