Rant: Acceptance vs. Action

This blog is dedicated to everyone who knows they need to be using social media and digital marketing to grow their business, but refuses to take any steps towards actually building their online presence. You have seen it work for others, friend's businesses even, but not you right? Too busy? Too tired? TOO BAD! All too often I hear from prospects, friends, or business owners, that they "need" to start building their social accounts. They recognize the importance of having a

The Beaten Path

I have never been one to follow what other people are doing. Whether that was intentional or just because I genuinely have never cared what people thought of me is up for debate. Not even in like a "new age edgy I don't care" type way, just like a "I don't let your feelings impact mine" kind of way. That's also not to say that people don't influence me or affect my decisions but ultimately I have always felt comfortable doing my own thing if that is how it ended up. Making my

Sponsored: Social Media Advertising in a nutshell.

First off, you need to be using it. Social media advertising has become so crucial to business growth! I have outlined a few reasons why in the next few paragraphs. Firstly, nearly all cell phone users are on social media for an average of 3.5 hours per day. This is now more time than the average person spends watching TV. Being on our cell phones has become the new "kick back and watch TV". So as we do, marketers must adapt with the times. On the money side of it all, to run

Chapter 7: The $1.80 Strategy To Grow Your Business

I have referenced him before in one of my earlier blogs, but if you guys don't know who Gary Vaynerchuk is you definitely need to check him out! So in one of the million videos that he has on his youtube channel, he was sitting down with a guy named Shane who was at VaynerMedia, which is Gary's digital marketing agency, to get some advice from Gary on how he could improve his business and his social media presence. They talked for a while, and Gary ended up going to Shane's i