The Digital Real Estate Cap

You got a new car? Wow you're so lucky. You own a successful business? Must be nice. I'm sure your mind jumped right away to someone who acts like this and says these sorts of things as you read it. I used to be guilty of this but have tried to move away because it just doesn't make sense. What I have come to realize in my wise old years of 23, is that no matter what it is you do, or what your passion is, there is going to be competition in it. This is good however. Competiti

Narrowing In.

When I started this thing I kind of just assumed that I would offer everything to everyone. That seemed like the easiest route to take at the time because it is sort of just the shotgun approach. In my mind if you could offer a wide range of services to a wide variety of clients then a few would end up needing at least one of the things you do. I have quickly learned however that 1) I am not interested in every single service that I have the ability to offer, and 2) it is a b