Rant: Acceptance vs. Action

This blog is dedicated to everyone who knows they need to be using social media and digital marketing to grow their business, but refuses to take any steps towards actually building their online presence. You have seen it work for others, friend's businesses even, but not you right? Too busy? Too tired? TOO BAD! All too often I hear from prospects, friends, or business owners, that they "need" to start building their social accounts. They recognize the importance of having a

The Digital Real Estate Cap

You got a new car? Wow you're so lucky. You own a successful business? Must be nice. I'm sure your mind jumped right away to someone who acts like this and says these sorts of things as you read it. I used to be guilty of this but have tried to move away because it just doesn't make sense. What I have come to realize in my wise old years of 23, is that no matter what it is you do, or what your passion is, there is going to be competition in it. This is good however. Competiti

Freedom: A rant.

I want to be an "entrepreneur". I don't want to work a 9-5. Some people do, and it can be an amazing fulfilling job for them. One is not better than the other, but for me right now, I can't imagine my life like that. I used to think that it would be kind of a cool thing to work in an office like the one in "the office". To be in a cubical and do my thing, while also being able to be a part of a company seemed like a reasonable and safe job. I realize now that I didn't want th

Who’s opinion? A rant on the little things.

Lately, I'm pretty sick of people. I would consider myself outgoing and definitely a people person but it's not easy to always be friendly and have a good attitude. I don't really know what has changed or what it is but I feel it a lot. So many people have their opinion on what you are doing and a certain attitude one way or another towards it. "So what's new?" has been my least favorite thing to be asked, not because of my less than exciting answer but because I get the feel

Rant: The opportunity is obnoxious.

I've been super driven for the past couple weeks and it is coming from a lot of different directions. I have been desperately trying to find a name for my business (found it), starting a networking group in the Erie area (ask me about it), and learning more about business and marketing every day! It's seriously insane when you are doing what you know you are meant to do. I'm having fun with it and think about it all day long, and I really wish it upon you all. Guys, for real