Chapter 15: The importance of consistency.

This seems pretty straightforward on first thought but allow me for the next 4-8 minutes to breakdown how this is playing out in my life/business and how it can play out for you as well! If you have been following what I am up to you know that I have been putting out blog posts non stop on social media, as well as tips, tricks, and other things that are helping to build my brand and build relationships with others in the marketing industry. It seems small at first but the sno

Chapter 14: Organic Reach is Down. Talent Appreciation is Up.

This is really, really stupid. This is another "buzz" topic that people have been talking about relating to the major players in social media. It also has gotten very annoying, and blown out of proportion, as most things do nowadays. I am not saying that this is not a real thing. It is true. I acknowledge that your post will now reach less people than it would before in the same conditions. The reason why comes down to a combination of things basically relating to the strings