Pin the tail on your career

Mother's day was a week ago today, and unfortunately I wasn't able to be home this year to celebrate the amazing woman who raised me. But I did get to talk to her and dad for a while on the phone which was a really good break in the week of work out in Long Island. I suppose I can't complain at all though because this was the view after all: But I've been thinking this week how incredibly blessed I am to have two amazing parents who instilled in me the confidence, passion, gr

Back from Hiatus: Day by Day

It has been few months since my year 1 wrap up. During this time A LOT has happened that I have tried to document on social. You don't always realize it during the day to day, but when you look back on a extended amount of time, it becomes much easier to see your accomplishments or the things that have been happening. Hindsight is 20/20 i suppose. Sometimes these things are more noticeable than others, but I think taking a moment to appreciate where you are, and where you cam

Year One Themes

On November 29th of 2017, I was sitting in the exact spot that I am right now. No, not in life. Not in my business career either. Just genuinely in the same room, same chair, same light blaring in my eyes, especially the left one because of how the table is slightly off centered. One notices these things throughout the course of a year. I also currently have a monster energy on my right(zero calorie, zero sugar, all delicious cuz, yeah, ... calories) and a coffee on my left (

Rant: Every Single Person

Have you heard the old saying, that we form our opinion about someone within the first 10 seconds of meeting them? Well I definitely think that this is true for myself, both as I meet new people and conversely, when I am thinking about how I am presenting myself to the people I meet. I think about it so much. I always want to come off as intelligent and respectful to anyone I am meeting for the first time and I think that has a lot to do with me being such a people person. It

DO, quit your day-job.

This is the goal. Working where I currently work has been a blessing in many ways, and I have been able to grow and learn as I have been here. But, now more than ever, I look forward to 4,430, and 5 PM in the day. Why? I look forward to the end of "work" in the afternoon not because I hate my job, but because it is when I can really begin to start "working" for the day. My "day job" is great for what it is, but when I begin working after I clock out, is when my passion, and d

Rant: The opportunity is obnoxious.

I've been super driven for the past couple weeks and it is coming from a lot of different directions. I have been desperately trying to find a name for my business (found it), starting a networking group in the Erie area (ask me about it), and learning more about business and marketing every day! It's seriously insane when you are doing what you know you are meant to do. I'm having fun with it and think about it all day long, and I really wish it upon you all. Guys, for real