The Beaten Path

I have never been one to follow what other people are doing. Whether that was intentional or just because I genuinely have never cared what people thought of me is up for debate. Not even in like a "new age edgy I don't care" type way, just like a "I don't let your feelings impact mine" kind of way. That's also not to say that people don't influence me or affect my decisions but ultimately I have always felt comfortable doing my own thing if that is how it ended up. Making my


Sometimes you don't know how something will end up unless you decide to take that leap of faith. People will judge you. It won't be easy. Sometimes you will second guess yourself. Sometimes, your eyes will feel like an hourglass ... mostly the sand part. But, not once throughout the course of it all will you even consider going back to that place, sitting and wondering how it could have been. You know how they say hindsight is 20-20? Yeah, well it's more like 20-10. OK, maybe

Marketing Me: My Train of Thought

I have had a train of thought lately that I desperately want to take you down to get you to understand why I continue to post blogs, vlogs, music, and marketing tips and tricks on my social accounts. I do what I do for two reasons, and both are equally important. While reading Gary Vee's newest book Crushing It!, I came across a quote that he has in it that really hit home for me. The quote reads: " Ideally, you'll be building your business around the thing you love to do for

How I got into Marketing

Remember the overwhelming feeling of excitement and the nerves of your first day of college? New faces, new locations, and the enormous amount of reading material due in ... oh ... tomorrow. Great. I, like many students today had NO clue what I thought I wanted to do even remotely. My thought process went something along the lines of: "I always did like history, maybe I could be a social studies teacher! No, I had worked with kids in a few of my previous jobs. Maybe for a few

Driven by the Pursuit

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post. Definitely too long. It has not been for a lack of reason however. I genuinely have been the most busy that I've been since I decided to go down this road and pursue a career in self employment and marketing and entrepreneurship. Maybe even the most busy I have been in my life. No bullshit. That isn't to say I don't have free time and time that I could have used to be writing here, but my mind has been super focused on

A Rant: Dedicated Hustle.

We meet so many people throughout our lives. How many of them do we really know though? Sure you know that Joe likes to play hockey. Mary loves reading. But do you really know them ? Each one has hopes, dreams, wants, and people that they love. We don't know them because the opportunities that we get we either pass up or aren't in the mindset, or just genuinely don't have the time. Business is kind of like this for me. There are so many opportunities that we are all presented

Chapter 8: The Face of a Business

Straight up, this is going to be kind of a weird one! I don't really know why I decided to write about this today other than that I have been working with certain individuals at business's who have become my go to people, and I associate them and the business as one. This becomes more clear the bigger the brand. When we think of Facebook, it's Zuckerberg. Amazon? Jeff Bezos. Apple and Steve Jobs. They become inseparable. Sports teams use the same principle. "Come watch Lebron

Chapter 7: The $1.80 Strategy To Grow Your Business

I have referenced him before in one of my earlier blogs, but if you guys don't know who Gary Vaynerchuk is you definitely need to check him out! So in one of the million videos that he has on his youtube channel, he was sitting down with a guy named Shane who was at VaynerMedia, which is Gary's digital marketing agency, to get some advice from Gary on how he could improve his business and his social media presence. They talked for a while, and Gary ended up going to Shane's i

Chapter 6: You are either creating content, or losing relevance.

It's honestly as simple as that. This is something I personally did not realize until the second half of 2017, but in the world we live in today everyone has the ability to put their thoughts into content for the rest of us to consume, and if you aren't doing this yourself within the business realm, you are falling behind. The amazing thing is that we can filter what we see! Ok, so you don't like Joe's opinions and political posts as of late? Block him. You binged watched dog

Chapter 5: "Social" Business

Marketing is fascinating for me. It is ever changing and always has new techniques and tricks to be learned. I am more eager to continue learning about my passion now than I have ever been, and definitely more so than when I was in school. The awesome thing is, you and I don't need a book to tell us about these "new" techniques because they are happening in front of us right now. 10 years ago no one could have predicted that Facebook and a app called Instagram would be the tw

Chapter 3: "I've Got Connections..."

Have you ever heard someone use this phrase? It is one of the rare ones that can make you sound important, while also making you sound like equally as much of a douchebag at the same time. But when we really step back and think about it, isn't building connections what business and life are all about? As a marketing grad, and someone who is trying to build a business from scratch, it is 100% about this concept for me right now. I recently updated my linkedin profile and a day

Chapter 1: Be Real, Succeed

I have been thinking on this for a while. How would i start a business? I know what i want it to be about, but how do you even go about that? Should i start a blog to help spread content and give it a personal touch? I'm not THAT guy right? Well, it's 2017, soon to be 2018. I wish i would have started this sooner and thrown any reservations i had about it out the window. I was and still am scared about it, but i realize now that in order to succeed you need to be willing, and