Year One Themes

On November 29th of 2017, I was sitting in the exact spot that I am right now. No, not in life. Not in my business career either. Just genuinely in the same room, same chair, same light blaring in my eyes, especially the left one because of how the table is slightly off centered. One notices these things throughout the course of a year. I also currently have a monster energy on my right(zero calorie, zero sugar, all delicious cuz, yeah, ... calories) and a coffee on my left (

Blind Faith

It's hard to always keep a positive attitude. Every day it seems like all we hear are negative things. In the news, from our friends and family, and even just things we observe by ourselves. There are killings, disease, death, poverty, people go hungry, lose loved ones, end relationships, fall short of goals, lose money, lose motivation, and plenty of other hardships that we all face. It comes to a point in our life however, no matter how bad we think one circumstance or anot

Chapter 4: Changing Gears

My sister and I were talking recently about Christmas, presents, family and everything that comes with the holiday season. Our unspoken but collective conclusion is that it's and intensely crazy time of the year, but well worth it. We then got to talking about other things as we do and she said that she has been reading this blog, and thinks that I am very inspired and need to make more time for it. So I have been thinking since we talked, about inspiration and what it means

Chapter 3: "I've Got Connections..."

Have you ever heard someone use this phrase? It is one of the rare ones that can make you sound important, while also making you sound like equally as much of a douchebag at the same time. But when we really step back and think about it, isn't building connections what business and life are all about? As a marketing grad, and someone who is trying to build a business from scratch, it is 100% about this concept for me right now. I recently updated my linkedin profile and a day

Chapter 2: Aggressively Lighthearted

One of my favorite shows of all time is The Office. I'm sure that is true for a lot of you who are reading this because it is very relatable to the average person. The writers did an awesome job balancing the humor in it with real life situations that you and I could picture happening in our work environments. Why am I saying this? Well, I wanted to write about something that I think is really important in life and business, and that is: "There is always room for an optimist

Chapter 1: Be Real, Succeed

I have been thinking on this for a while. How would i start a business? I know what i want it to be about, but how do you even go about that? Should i start a blog to help spread content and give it a personal touch? I'm not THAT guy right? Well, it's 2017, soon to be 2018. I wish i would have started this sooner and thrown any reservations i had about it out the window. I was and still am scared about it, but i realize now that in order to succeed you need to be willing, and