Marketing Me: My Train of Thought

I have had a train of thought lately that I desperately want to take you down to get you to understand why I continue to post blogs, vlogs, music, and marketing tips and tricks on my social accounts. I do what I do for two reasons, and both are equally important. While reading Gary Vee's newest book Crushing It!, I came across a quote that he has in it that really hit home for me. The quote reads: " Ideally, you'll be building your business around the thing you love to do for

Chapter 8: The Face of a Business

Straight up, this is going to be kind of a weird one! I don't really know why I decided to write about this today other than that I have been working with certain individuals at business's who have become my go to people, and I associate them and the business as one. This becomes more clear the bigger the brand. When we think of Facebook, it's Zuckerberg. Amazon? Jeff Bezos. Apple and Steve Jobs. They become inseparable. Sports teams use the same principle. "Come watch Lebron