If you build it ...

Will they come? This is obviously a famous line from Field of Dreams, a great movie about a farmer who builds a baseball field, which came out in 1989 roughly 5 years before I was born. I took the liberty of tweaking the actual quote to fit into what I want to talk about here, which is accounts on social media, and more specifically business accounts. For the past few months I have learned many things about social media, and the businesses that inhabit it. There are roughly 3

Chapter 13: Why #followforfollow is the worst strategy.

Since starting to put out content for Barrage Marketing, I have found out a lot of different things about building a community, branding, and the power of consistency and volume. I have also found out a few glaring negatives that people seem to fall into as human nature. It has to do with giving without expectation. Your content, your time and your interests are all very important. However, if you are putting out content to constantly promote yourself and never giving anythin

Chapter 12: How to create engagement.

Here's a hint, it's on you, not them. Building an audience on social media that is targeted and is eager for your next post, whether you are trying to grow a business or a personal account is one of the most important things you can do. Nothing competes with having that following that cheers you on throughout your journey. We as humans want to engage naturally, but a few things can stop that from happening: 1.) Your content is flat out boring. Maybe you find what you are doin

Chapter 11: Hashtag game, and the power of one.

These two principals have been so intriguing for me for a few months now. I genuinely don't think that people realize that they can impact others lives by taking the time to research a few hashtags that do well in their industry and use them. Not on one post. On every post. Every time. Consistency and volume can produce amazing results. I am going to reach 100 page likes by the end of this month and it has taken 2 months to do it. Not too impressive until you realize that rou

Chapter 10: Facebook vs. Instagram

First it was Myspace, then Facebook, now it is Instagram.I 'm not just talking about where you keep up with who is dating that girl in class, or who is getting married, having a kid, or even where you get your "news" (Fake or not). I'm simply talking about where your attention is. It's kind of exciting to follow and be able to target certain groups of people by what platform they use. But it is constantly evolving! Speaking of which, a new social networking platform has just

Chapter 7: The $1.80 Strategy To Grow Your Business

I have referenced him before in one of my earlier blogs, but if you guys don't know who Gary Vaynerchuk is you definitely need to check him out! So in one of the million videos that he has on his youtube channel, he was sitting down with a guy named Shane who was at VaynerMedia, which is Gary's digital marketing agency, to get some advice from Gary on how he could improve his business and his social media presence. They talked for a while, and Gary ended up going to Shane's i

Chapter 5: "Social" Business

Marketing is fascinating for me. It is ever changing and always has new techniques and tricks to be learned. I am more eager to continue learning about my passion now than I have ever been, and definitely more so than when I was in school. The awesome thing is, you and I don't need a book to tell us about these "new" techniques because they are happening in front of us right now. 10 years ago no one could have predicted that Facebook and a app called Instagram would be the tw