How I got into Marketing

Remember the overwhelming feeling of excitement and the nerves of your first day of college? New faces, new locations, and the enormous amount of reading material due in ... oh ... tomorrow. Great. I, like many students today had NO clue what I thought I wanted to do even remotely. My thought process went something along the lines of: "I always did like history, maybe I could be a social studies teacher! No, I had worked with kids in a few of my previous jobs. Maybe for a few

Driven by the Pursuit

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post. Definitely too long. It has not been for a lack of reason however. I genuinely have been the most busy that I've been since I decided to go down this road and pursue a career in self employment and marketing and entrepreneurship. Maybe even the most busy I have been in my life. No bullshit. That isn't to say I don't have free time and time that I could have used to be writing here, but my mind has been super focused on

Chapter 14: Organic Reach is Down. Talent Appreciation is Up.

This is really, really stupid. This is another "buzz" topic that people have been talking about relating to the major players in social media. It also has gotten very annoying, and blown out of proportion, as most things do nowadays. I am not saying that this is not a real thing. It is true. I acknowledge that your post will now reach less people than it would before in the same conditions. The reason why comes down to a combination of things basically relating to the strings

Why your "Master Class" is mostly bullshit.

Let me preface everything that I am about to write here by saying that I genuinely think some people can excel and absolutely crush what they are going for by using a course, or by taking a class on how to do what they want to do. But allow me for the next 5.7 minutes, to tell you why I think my way is better. Most people who know me know that I wasn't particularly great in college, for the main reason that I just didn't put in the necessary time to study. There is a reason h

Chapter 7: The $1.80 Strategy To Grow Your Business

I have referenced him before in one of my earlier blogs, but if you guys don't know who Gary Vaynerchuk is you definitely need to check him out! So in one of the million videos that he has on his youtube channel, he was sitting down with a guy named Shane who was at VaynerMedia, which is Gary's digital marketing agency, to get some advice from Gary on how he could improve his business and his social media presence. They talked for a while, and Gary ended up going to Shane's i

Chapter 5: "Social" Business

Marketing is fascinating for me. It is ever changing and always has new techniques and tricks to be learned. I am more eager to continue learning about my passion now than I have ever been, and definitely more so than when I was in school. The awesome thing is, you and I don't need a book to tell us about these "new" techniques because they are happening in front of us right now. 10 years ago no one could have predicted that Facebook and a app called Instagram would be the tw