Rant: Every Single Person

Have you heard the old saying, that we form our opinion about someone within the first 10 seconds of meeting them? Well I definitely think that this is true for myself, both as I meet new people and conversely, when I am thinking about how I am presenting myself to the people I meet. I think about it so much. I always want to come off as intelligent and respectful to anyone I am meeting for the first time and I think that has a lot to do with me being such a people person. It

Chapter 14: Organic Reach is Down. Talent Appreciation is Up.

This is really, really stupid. This is another "buzz" topic that people have been talking about relating to the major players in social media. It also has gotten very annoying, and blown out of proportion, as most things do nowadays. I am not saying that this is not a real thing. It is true. I acknowledge that your post will now reach less people than it would before in the same conditions. The reason why comes down to a combination of things basically relating to the strings

Chapter 12: How to create engagement.

Here's a hint, it's on you, not them. Building an audience on social media that is targeted and is eager for your next post, whether you are trying to grow a business or a personal account is one of the most important things you can do. Nothing competes with having that following that cheers you on throughout your journey. We as humans want to engage naturally, but a few things can stop that from happening: 1.) Your content is flat out boring. Maybe you find what you are doin