Year One Themes

On November 29th of 2017, I was sitting in the exact spot that I am right now. No, not in life. Not in my business career either. Just genuinely in the same room, same chair, same light blaring in my eyes, especially the left one because of how the table is slightly off centered. One notices these things throughout the course of a year. I also currently have a monster energy on my right(zero calorie, zero sugar, all delicious cuz, yeah, ... calories) and a coffee on my left (

Marketing Me: My Train of Thought

I have had a train of thought lately that I desperately want to take you down to get you to understand why I continue to post blogs, vlogs, music, and marketing tips and tricks on my social accounts. I do what I do for two reasons, and both are equally important. While reading Gary Vee's newest book Crushing It!, I came across a quote that he has in it that really hit home for me. The quote reads: " Ideally, you'll be building your business around the thing you love to do for

Chapter 15: The importance of consistency.

This seems pretty straightforward on first thought but allow me for the next 4-8 minutes to breakdown how this is playing out in my life/business and how it can play out for you as well! If you have been following what I am up to you know that I have been putting out blog posts non stop on social media, as well as tips, tricks, and other things that are helping to build my brand and build relationships with others in the marketing industry. It seems small at first but the sno

Chapter 6: You are either creating content, or losing relevance.

It's honestly as simple as that. This is something I personally did not realize until the second half of 2017, but in the world we live in today everyone has the ability to put their thoughts into content for the rest of us to consume, and if you aren't doing this yourself within the business realm, you are falling behind. The amazing thing is that we can filter what we see! Ok, so you don't like Joe's opinions and political posts as of late? Block him. You binged watched dog