Chapter 15: The importance of consistency.

This seems pretty straightforward on first thought but allow me for the next 4-8 minutes to breakdown how this is playing out in my life/business and how it can play out for you as well! If you have been following what I am up to you know that I have been putting out blog posts non stop on social media, as well as tips, tricks, and other things that are helping to build my brand and build relationships with others in the marketing industry. It seems small at first but the sno

Chapter 13: Why #followforfollow is the worst strategy.

Since starting to put out content for Barrage Marketing, I have found out a lot of different things about building a community, branding, and the power of consistency and volume. I have also found out a few glaring negatives that people seem to fall into as human nature. It has to do with giving without expectation. Your content, your time and your interests are all very important. However, if you are putting out content to constantly promote yourself and never giving anythin

Narrowing In.

When I started this thing I kind of just assumed that I would offer everything to everyone. That seemed like the easiest route to take at the time because it is sort of just the shotgun approach. In my mind if you could offer a wide range of services to a wide variety of clients then a few would end up needing at least one of the things you do. I have quickly learned however that 1) I am not interested in every single service that I have the ability to offer, and 2) it is a b